About the Author

My name is Doğan Doruk Demircioğlu and I was born in 1982 in wonderful Reutlingen, the gateway to the Swabian Alb.

In February 2015 I successfully completed my doctorate in the field of microbiology. I did research in the area of ​​the recognition of peptidoglycan, i.e. the bacterial cell wall, by our immune system and the resulting consequences for humans.
Among others we examined the possible role of this macromolecule in the development of food allergies. Through my many years of work in an S2 laboratory, I was able to gain a diverse insight into the world of research and gain experience in the fields of microbiology, cell culture, immunology and also analytical chemistry, mainly HPLC.

Since I love science, but it is a bit difficult to understand and classify, I decided to start this blog. My goal is to give you, dear readers, an exciting and understandable insight into the world of research.

I am always open to criticism or suggestions. Please write to ddd [at] scietopia.de. Thank you very much and enjoy reading.

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