Bad blood

My first contribution to the topic of health should really be read and understood carefully and carefully, because I do NOT want to cause any kind of panic with it, but only to clarify it.

Blood donation is an important topic, but I was not aware of it either, although it is obvious and I am professionally involved in immunology: blood is also a “donor organ” and can trigger an intolerance reaction as well as an organ with inappropriate tissue characteristics .

There are also a shockingly large number of studies on this and I would like to summarize the results of an extensive meta study here:

Paul Marik and colleagues from the Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania (USA) analyzed the results of 571 articles on the topic “Efficiency of transfusions of erythrocytes in intensive care patients” and came to a really terrifying conclusion:

“Blood transfusions in adult intensive care, trauma and operated patients are associated with a significantly increased death and morbidity rate.”
( )

Unfortunately, the fight of some doctors against the billion dollar business with blood preserves is a very difficult one, but finally more and more is happening here.

Professor Dr. Dr. med. Kai Zacharowski from the University Hospital Frankfurt initiated the “Patient Blood Management” project ( ) with the aim of reducing the number of unnecessary transfusions and thus minimizing the risk for patients. Fortunately, more and more clinics around the world are taking part.

The following ARD documentation on this topic is also very interesting:

As patients, we can only refer to this initiative and hope that it will continue to prevail.

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