Goals and content

“I don’t think the same God who gave us senses, reason, and reason wanted to forbid their use.”

Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642), Italian mathematician, philosopher, physicist and one of my role models.

Since I have a soft spot for science, but scientific publications are very difficult to understand and classify, I decided to start this blog. According to Gallilei’s quote, I prefer to make my own opinion about the things in this world.

Our goal is to give you, dear reader, an exciting, understandable and, very importantly, an independent insight into the world of science and technology and to critically question it.

Each of our articles has been researched to the best of our knowledge and belief and is not influenced by any organization or group in the world. And that will remain so!

From time to time, guest contributions will also be published, sometimes in English. If you have any problems understanding please feel free to write to me.

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