Moral or not Moral? Von der Moral des autonomen Fahrens.

Autonomous driving is becoming more and more a reality. In an estimated 5-10 years, more and more driving functions will be controlled by an AI and we will sit back and read a newspaper. If we want to trust technology. There are still some problems and questions to be resolved. Among other things, the question of how the AI ​​should decide in the event of an impending and unavoidable collision in order to save as many lives as possible. moralBut what life is worth living?

The AI ​​must therefore be programmed with a kind of morality. To do this, MIT has put a moral machine online to understand how we humans would decide.

Would you rather die a woman or a man? Old or young? And what about social status: law-abiding citizens or rather the criminal?

Test it yourself:

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