New method of stroke prevention discovered


A really interesting and serious study on stroke prevention.

Yasuharu Tabara and his team from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine were able to demonstrate a statistically significant connection between postural disorders and asymptomatic microangiopathy (also called cerebral small-vessel disease (cSVD)). This is so interesting and important because these early, pathological changes in the brain can go hand in hand with an increased risk of stroke.

If you can’t stand on one leg for more than 20 seconds, you shouldn’t panic, but you might want to see a neurologist.

I tested it once and everything is probably ok with me. 😉

On my own behalf: my biomedical contributions are deliberately kept short and understandable with the aim of informing my fellow human beings. All of my contributions have been researched meticulously, because I am absolutely NOT a fan of scaremongering or misinformation.

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