The new bird flu virus. Reason to worry?

For current reasons, I would like to convey basic information about the new bird flu subtype H5N8.

As can be seen on this map of the Friedrich-Löffler-Institut (

the number of birds that died from this virus is increasing. However, there is no need to panic. Although this virus subtype will probably remain infectious for a similar length of time as the known subtype H5N1 (> 30 days at 0 ° C or 6 days at 37 ° C), it is very easy to protect yourself against infection.


1. Do not touch dead wild birds

2. Store poultry (even if contamination of our food is very unlikely) separately from other food and cook well.

3. Wash used kitchen utensils and hands thoroughly with at least warm water and soap.

Influenza viruses are and remain a part of our lives, like all other viruses, but with these simple measures and a healthy dose of wisdom an infection or an epidemic can be prevented.

The picture shows the beginning of an infection with an influenza A virus.

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