The thing with energy drinks

Energy drinks are hard to imagine today and consumed in moderation should not be a problem. So the unanimous opinion. However, the number of studies that raise some health concerns is increasing. A few years ago it was shown that energy drinks in connection with alcohol are not the yellow of the egg . There are also increasing studies describing the negative effects on our cardiovascular system. Not entirely incomprehensible when you look at what is in a can of these drinks. U. 240 mg caffeine, 1- 2000 mg taurine (a breakdown product of the amino acids cysteine ​​and methionine) and  guarana-Extract. All stimulating substances. If you read this new study now, you may change your mind slowly but surely. Admittedly, the test group is very small (a total of 25 subjects) and the study only covers a short period of time, but I find the results impressive. In a negative sense. But what exactly has been done?

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota (USA) examined the effects of an energy drink from a well-known manufacturer (no, not the manufacturer shown in the figure). They let 25 healthy, non-smoking and young subjects (average age 29 years) drink a large can (480 ml) of the drink within 5 minutes and a comparable drink without the stimulant additives within 2 days.

The following could be observed:

1. Blood pressure increased after consumption by 6.2% (systole) and 6.8% (diastole)

2. The noradrenaline value even by 73.6%. This is worth considering because increased concentrations can also be found in clinical pictures such as heart failure.

Important: these studies should not cause panic and should not tell anyone what to drink, when and where. However, it is important to know what some synthetic drinks can lead to.

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